Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is everybody comfortable?

The past three nights have been spent like this:When I have my legs on any foot stool, Milo is on my legscomfy Mi?
Tree at my side.
In the summer, we never go into the keeping room. In the summer, I am outdoors either gardening or walking with Chelsea on the trail. In the winter, we live in the keeping room, staying ever near the fire. And the animals want to be warm, too, so they live near the fire, too. In the winter, I read. And read and read. I read books and I catch-up on all of my magazines. We are barely into winter and I already have a stack of mags that I've read. If I can get a table into the keeping room, I could work on my art in there. That is the plan anyway.


^..^Corgidogmama said... why would you ever want to go anywhere else? Looks like a comfy room!

Kelly said...

I hear ya. I'm the same way (although it's Gibson that is on my lap, not a cat).. I miss summer :(

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