Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My, my, my said the spider to the fly...

For those of you who are regular readers, due to my fascination with spiders (and other insects), you may think that I am an entomologist. I assure you I am more of an etymologist than an entomologist. I have a B.S. in English and a minor in Natural Resources...so the two do seem to go hand in hand, in a matter of speaking, in my life. This is my heart-shaped birdhouse that I bought several years ago. We always joked that it was a bird house for a heart shaped bird. Obviously, more for fashion than function. But now that Miss Spider has taken up residence, it has a function.
Because we live adjacent to the woods which are on two sides of our house, I battle the spiders. When I came to live here nearly two years ago, the spiders just about had the run of the place. When I began to clean, the spiders said "damn, she means business." Suffice to say, the spider population has greatly diminished since I moved in. And as I've stated before, I respect them when they are outdoors, which is their turf. When they are indoors, on my turf, it is a totally different situation.
When I moved here, I was skilled at the art of battling spiders. My ex-husband and I owned a house many years ago (I lived there for ten years with him) that was also adjacent (on two sides)to the woods. (Interesting how my life seems to have come full circle.)
Just as I am fascinated with bees, I am fascinated by all living creatures. This spider has woven her web in such a fashion that there is a tunnel with the entrance going straight into the heart shaped door of the bird house.
We were at a party this past Saturday night and I was talking about how I wear my crocs for house shoes because I would never go bare foot- especially getting up in the middle of the night because you never know when you might encounter a spider. A man that was sitting nearby said in an incredulous voice "you have spiders? IN YOUR HOUSE?" I didn't quite know what to say. Doesn't everyone have spiders in their house to some degree? Depending, one would think, on how often you dust and vacuum. I suppose you might not have spiders if you have your house exterminated.
For those of you who sleep in my lovely guest room, have no fear. I scour the room with the pipe tool of the vacuum, making certain there are no spiders to share the room with you.
Waiting at the door to greet her guests.
Do you see how she has raised her "hand" in greeting?
"Hello, come into my lair."


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~shudders~ I can stay at the Holiday Inn Express when I come to visit you. LOL

That really is an interesting story!

Nicole said...

I am also shuddering at the thought of the spider. You are much braver than me to get that close for the pictures. Very artsy though. :)

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