Monday, September 21, 2009

My first blog award

I would like to thank Nicole for awarding me with my very first blog award! Nicole first received the award and then passed it on to me. Her blog is looking great and she is a great writer, too- often sharing the antics of her dog, Luffy, as she says..."rhymes with goofy." You know anyone who is a dog lover is o.k. in my book! Is there anything better than peer recognition? I don't think so.
I would like to pass this blog award on two of my favorite bloggers, Jennifer and Mindy. Jennifer and Mindy are both dog moms, too. Jennifer is dog mom to a Standard Poodle named Lucy. Mindy is dog mom to a Corgi named Gingerbeans.
Jennifer pours her heart out in nearly every post. She is as giving in person and the sunshine of my life. (Yes, we often talk in songs. Well, actually, Jennifer just sings them.)
Mindy is someone I've met through blogging. We are now facebook friends, too. She lives in Texas and I'm in Indiana, but we are determined to get together in person, one of these days. Mindy is a crazy, crazy girl and could be my best friend if it weren't for her "I live in Texas" thing. Sometimes when I'm conveying something to the duggles that Mindy and I have talked about via facebook or something she has written about, I'll say "you know, my friend Mindy in Texas," and the duggles says "the friend you've never met?" HMPF! As if that makes a difference. Men. They just don't understand sometimes.

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besswess said...

Oh my goodness! I am so excited! This means I am famous. "You light up my life....." Love you!

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