Friday, April 6, 2012

tonight's game

Tonight at the gym I noticed someone had written on the chalkboard
The Hunger Games
Isn't that the truth?
The name of tonight's game is Pizza/No Pizza. 
I was working out at the gym tonight with a colleague and told her "tonight is pizza night."  She said "are you excited?"  I said "no, because we aren't having pizza and this is the fourth week of not having pizza."

I really love pizza.

This is week four.  Week four of being back at the "tough" gym.  I am stronger than I was but not nearly strong enough.  Yesterday morning I was at my lowest weight since I started back.  Then I blew it by going to Friday's with the girls after work. This is what I refer to as a "temporary gain."  Because it will come off, again. 
Today, I'm back on the horse.
I'm counting weight watcher's points- on my own.  In 2000 I did weight watchers and after a year I was at goal and then I became an instructor.  I'm very good at telling people how to lose weight.
I'm a lot better at telling people how to lose weight than actually losing the weight myself. 
Another thing I'm good at is losing the weight, but I'm not so good at keeping it off.
This time, I want to lose it and keep it off.  This is the third big push for me.  I did it in 2000 and I did it again in 2010.  I want to lose it and keep it off because I'm tired of being overweight.  I need to lose it for my self-esteem.  I love being fashionable and I would rather feel fashionable than matronly.  Yes, I'm a grandma, but I don't want to look/feel like one.  In fact, I'd love to have a t-shirt to wear when I'm kicking ass in the gym (throwing tires, punching the punching bag, climbing the prowler) that reads "just call me Grandma." 
Go Granny!

I became a Grandma one year ago.  And suddenly I am filled with a desire to be the best that I can be.  I want to be able to garden with my little Bee.  To walk in the woods and show her things.  To play in the floor.  To run through the airport to make a connection (which I recently had to do when I had gone out to see her).  There are times I think how many years will I have with her?  When she is thirty I will be eighty.  I want to be here for her.  I want her to know me.  I don't want to be a photograph that my daughter shows to her and says "this was your grandma, my mother.  She loved you very much."
My paternal grandma ended up on a walker.  My mother has had a number of surgeries to correct osteo issues- ankles straightened, knees replaced.  My hips ache from all of the years I ran when I was in my twenties.  Tonight in class, my knees, first one, then the other ached.  I gingerly stretched and continued with my work-out.
Today, Doug got on the horse.  He joined weight watchers.  He is doing points plus.  Which I have no idea of what that means.  I'm doing the old basic weight watchers.  I have my points counter.  The old points counter that counts fiber, calories and fat.  It worked before and it can work again.  Now they want to give you all of these extra bonus points.  I'm sorry, but I don't do extra bonus points.  And you can add points for exercise.  If I add points for exercise, I'll never lose.  Weight watchers should have a special program for post-menopausal women because it is so difficult to lose after menopause.  I keep trying to tell friends who haven't yet gone through menopause lose it now
Besides working out and eating smart, I'm getting pedis.
How are you being good to yourself?


MamaMonki said...

You go girl!! I'm the same way with keeping it off. It's way too easy for me to put it back on. But I'm trying to do it right this time so it stays off. I enjoy being able to shop at normal stores way too much to ever want to have to go back.

Kris said...

Yea for you Cheryl!!! I lost a lot of weight watchers, five years ago. I used to start every day with a three mile run. Then, when Noah was born, I began to care for him. Life changed. I allowed most of that lost weight to find me again. Now I am doing what you are doing. The older i get, the harder it is!!
You sound like you are ready to do it!! And yea for Doug too!!

Holly said...

You're doing great! The new Weight Watchers was the easiest thing I'd ever done. All fruits and veggies have zero points. There was no way I could eat all those points they wanted me to. Keep up the good work.

Rae said...

Good for you!! It's a struggle at times, but you can do it. I know how important it is to be able to do things with your grandchildren, because I can't and it makes me sad. MS makes it impossible for me to walk and participate in many things. I applaud you for heading in the right direction and wish you well in your endeavor.

Chatty Crone said...

Have a blessed Easter. Sandie

besswess said...

I hate how you refer to yourself as granny or grandma! You are not! Yes. Your daughter has a daughter. This is just a technicality! No granny would talk about doing kickboxing with me.
I love you!

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