Monday, April 16, 2012

Nuking the office

Today at lunch, I mis-read the label on my sweet potato.  You know the ones that are individually wrapped in plastic?  I was thinking it was seven minutes, but I looked at the label and saw 12-14 minutes, so I set the timer for 14 minutes.  When I took it out, I wondered why it was so light.  Because it was basically a shell.  When I cut into it, all of the burned smell escaped.  I dropped it into the trash and went back to my desk to get another.  Then I realized the burned smell was still coming from the trash.  I retrieved the burned potato from the trash and took it out to the trash can in the hall. 
The reason the label says 12-14 minutes is in case you are cooking two potatoes and not one!
oh dear.  I wanted to leave.  Fortunately, I had a grant writing class across campus and got to leave at 2:30 p.m.  Everyone kept saying "what is that smell?"  I opened the front and back doors to the suite and had fans going.  
I sent an email to the assistant dean telling him the error of my ways.  One of the best bosses I ever had taught me that when you mess up, admit it, apologize, fix it if you can and don't do it again.  
I just hope the smell has dissipated when we go in, tomorrow.  

On a brighter note, here are my Hunger Games fingernails.  
It is difficult to photograph one's own hand.  I painted my nails pewter (grey) and then did the tips with a raspberry pink and then drug the brush down towards the center of the nail.  I'm going to keep trying. 
My hands look as if I am ninety-seven years old and I thought "why are they so red?" 
Oh!  That was the other thing after nuking the office...I washed my hands and put lotion on, but I still smelled like I was on fire.  Ha.  The girl on fire. 
This was very similar to the time in 7th grad when I nearly burned down the kitchen in Home Ec class.  But that is another story for another time. 
Here are some parting shots of Effie's nails.  Doug said he didn't notice.  How could you not notice those nails?  I'm going to keep at it.  I like the look.



Kris said...

I am cracking up at this post! You are funny Cheryl!
I just read your last post too. are not boring...your are real. And I love that about you! I clean up pretty good, but I am happiest here at home, in my shorts and t shirts, with my wellies by the back door, ready to slip into to take a tromp out to the garden, or out with the chickens. I am a farm girl at heart!!!


That was so sad. That poor sweet potato was a shell of it's former self. LOL I can only imagine the smell. Hopefully things will be aired out when you go back. take care.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I bet you don't make that mistake again! ha ha I know it wasn't all that funny at the time either.
I love sweet potatoes baked in the shell, so yummy.
Nail polish is something I rarely use except on my toes in the summer for when I wear shoes that show them. I was told by my great-niece that one needs to use polish if they plan to wear open toe shoes. I guess I'd better keep up!

Donna said...

I recently burned up a bag of popcorn at work. I mean as in black dust. The entire building smelled and the microwave interior is now permanently gray. No kidding. It was so embarrassing and everyone gave me a hard time. On the positive side -- for real -- at least we didn't set off the building sprinkler system. May you have a smoke-free day.

Janie Fox said...

LOL I have burned many a thing in the microwave and you live with it for days. Maggie brought the grands today and said my house smelled like poop. Ouch...WTH?? Nice. I love the welcome of a stinky home. LOL I am lighting candles and opening windows. Now it smells like vanilla crap. I can't care.

Karen said...

LOL... I knew nothing about the nails.. now you've got me curious. I love those potatoes...

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