Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No fluke

Dutchman's Breeches

Bloomington is blooming.  I took a walk about the property and took these photos last Saturday. Dutchman's Breeches and Trout Lily grow wild in the nearby woods.  Trilliums are budding, but no blooms, yet. 
Trout Lily
 Violets bloom abundantly in the front lawn.
These are ground cover in the woods.  Can someone tell me what they are?  I do not know.  I refer to them as "L.W.F."  (Little white flowers.)
I believe this is Maiden Hair fern.  Correct me if I'm wrong.  Last summer I tried to move some of the ferns that grow wild in the woods to shady parts of the yard.  Each time I got poison ivy on my forearms.  I get it something terrible.
Maiden hair fern
This tree is in the front lawn. Apple or crab apple?  It was a buzz with bees.  I shot carefully as I am allergic.
Apple, crab apple?
We have a lot of hostas in the front yard.  The tree that used to shade them has died so we will see how they hold up this summer.  I just read something about encircling hostas with pennies and slugs won't bother them.  I am going to try it. 
I planted this and it has grown and comes back every year.
Jacob's Ladder
I planted this, too and can't remember the name of it.  Another perennial. 
who can tell me what this is?  I don't remember!
Taken out back of the property at the edge of the woods.

Redbud out back of the farm
Lamb's Ear that I brought with me from New Castle.  Comes back every year and spreads.  (Notice Miss Nosy Chelsea's nose at the right edge of the photo.)  I have read that deer won't eat plants with fuzzy leaves. 
Lamb's Ear
Forsythia.  Grows in the back yard.  The fragrance wafts through the windows and smells delicious. This grows up and tangles through the trees growing nearby and drips back down.
 In the woods across the road from the farm.
Redbud in the woods near the farm
Bleeding hearts.  I planted a few years ago and always comes back.  I would love to have a ton of these.  I love bleeding hearts.  So perfectly hang.  So delicate.  Loves morning sun.
bleeding heart
At the edge of the woods on our road.  Both pink and lavender redbud.  Lavender is common.  Only a bit of pink redbud blooms.
redbud trees on our road- pink and lavender
As you pull into our drive, a salmon dogwood and lavender redbud dwarfed by the majestic pine towering over. 
salmon dogwood and redbud
More redbuds in the woods bordering the farm.
redbud trees in woods near the farm

redbud trees in woods near the farm
As you can see, we are literally surrounded by beauty.  At first, I thought the unusually high temperatures signaled a "false" spring.  It doesn't seem to be a fluke.  It seems Spring has truly sprung.  They are saying we are running a good five weeks ahead this year.


Kris said...

Wow, everything is SO pretty! I love the LWF....tee hee!! So exciting to see Spring springing everywhere!!!

Karen said...

Beautiful!!... and we got the cold temps again yesterday.. my pansies are not happy. :-( I don't know the names of the things you don't know the names of - sorry.


Everything looks lovely. It is so nice to have nature in your backyard. What a view. ENJOY. Here it went down to the 20's last night. Want spring to come back. Too cold. Take care.

Donna said...

I was struck by your hosta. Fully up and pretty. Mine are still sticking their little heads up as if to say "Is it OK? Can we really come out?" I think you are just enough south that you are ahead of us another week or two (90 miles?) Extended forecasts look springlike, too.
Pretty flora and fauna.

MamaMonki said...

The leaves on the LWF remind me of columbine. Maybe it's a relative of some sort.

Thanks for sharing the springy pictures - I need to get some uploaded from my camera.

Heidrun Khokhar said...

It's so beautiful and each year we seem to be touched by the renewed life. Early yes but maybe not so safe? If a really cold snap appears there will be loss.

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