Tuesday, March 20, 2012


How can today be the first day of Spring?  My last post nearly three weeks ago, I was jonsin' for some green, counting down to the first day of March when I could sport my new green trench, and now it has been blazing eighty degrees.  I've been about to pass out. 
I started a new job on January 23rd (which I love) and it seems the days have been flying by.  I don't know when I've gone this long without posting, but somehow in my absence, I have a new follower.  (Thank you very much.)  I've been taking photos and writing posts in my head, but haven't gotten them out there in cyberland.  (Do you do that, too?)
I've been so insanely busy and longing for some down time.  What do you like to do in down time?  I LIKE to get to my art table and make cards and use stamps and create.  More likely, you'll find me scurrying about the house, cleaning up the kitchen, doing dishes, loading the washer and dryer, folding clothes, changing the bed, ironing.  (Yes, I iron, get over it.  I also do dishes and eshew the dishwasher, leaving that to dug.)
I could write an entire post on cards that I haven't shown you. 
I went to the Heirloom Arts Show in Indianapolis on March 3rd and I found it to be boring. (Sorry, Heirloom, I did.) All of the same old boring stuff that I've seen over and over. Except for the folks at 100 proof press.  I had been looking for an Eiffel Tower stamp and found one with them.
100 Proof Press booth

look closely, lower left and you'll see the Eiffel Tower stamps
 I was looking for an Eiffel Tower stamp so that I could write a thank you card to my girls for my upcoming Paris trip with them.  If you are not a regular reader, this was my Christmas gift from them and Jen over at Cottage Nest has decided despite the fact that we are both from Indiana, we are both going to Paris and we should rendezvous there.  (The count down is on and I leave in eight weeks!) (See you there, Jen!)
Thank you card for my girls
 Here is the birthday card that I made for my little Bee.  She turned one on March 8.  I found the perfect stamp "wishing you a very happy bee day" with a little bee on the end of it at Papertrix.  (You know I always love Papertrix.)  With one little bee, you can make it zoom around wherever you wish.
First Birthday card for little Bee
 While we are playing catch-up and I'm showing you cards that failed to share with you.  (And if you are a personal friend or family, I probably failed to send to you.)
Polar Bear Christmas card
 Here is another card I designed this year and sent very few of.
cabin Christmas card
I didn't get many cards out because at the last minute, I decided to make altered books for dug's daughter-in-law and one of the son's girlfriends.  I loved making the books and I think they appreciated the books, but I poured hours into them and then my lack of planning constituted an art emergency, so I didn't get many Christmas cards out.  
Another store that I got really jazzed about was Paper Source in Bethesda.  The duggles, me, my daughter and the baby dashed out to Georgetown Cupcake in Bethesda on the day of the Bee's party and there was a Paper Source on the same street.  I had never been in one and managed to find a few stamps in a very short amount of time.  While my daughter and I picked up cupcakes and checked out Paper Source and a toy store, dug sat in the Kia with the sleeping birthday girl.
Do you get the picture?  Do you understand why I am flummoxed?  Overnight it is eighty degrees and my fireside sittin' days are over for another season.  Tell me I'm not the only one.


MamaMonki said...

You are definitely not the only one! I can't believe I'm sending WeeMan out to play in shorts. Usually I'm complaining about the irresponsible parents that let their kids wear shorts to school in March. I just hope this doesn't mean we've got a miserable hot summer laying in wait.

farmlady said...

We here in California are doing kind of the opposite weather but it is confusing isn't it?
I'm so glad you wrote a post. Good to hear that you love your new job and that you still have time to make your cards. They are beautiful. I really love the Christmas card with the log cabin on it.
"Flummoxed" or not... keep posting.

Kris said...

I have MISSED you!!! So much going on in your world! Good stuff though...good stuff!!! I am so glad you love your job! Happy Birthday to your litte granddaughter!!! Time sure does fly!


I used to stamp back eight years ago. I LOVED making cards. Very relaxing hobby. But I got really sick and it became too much for me to do. So, I donated ALL my stamps to the local thrift store. A couple weekends ago I found a sack of my old cards and the urge to stamp returned. Now I'm in the process of finding new stamps. Thanks for the names of some places to look. Your cards are delightful. They have touched everyone's life, who received one because they are personal and come from your heart. I loved the MILD winter, but being confronted by SUMMER instead of SPRING in March is a bit ridiculous. Take care.

Holly said...

So happy that your love your new job! Your cards are beautiful. I sure did like making my own but the stuff piling up was just overwhelming. Glad you posted, I've missed you!

Connie said...

My grandson just visited Paris and had a wonderful time. I've not been there but I can dream ;)

I used to visit Nashville IN a couple times a year and I had a favorite shop, a tiny log cabin down close to the bread store. Wonder if it's still there and selling country and primitive odds and ends. I loved going to Nashville and shopping.

Karen said...

I just love that cabin christmas card....

Karen said...

I just love that cabin christmas card....

Donna said...

Here in Indiana, everything is a solid five weeks ahead of schedule. I know this because I used to cover a Redbud Festival that was at the end of April when the trees were blooming. The redbuds and everything else are blooming NOW.
Brian mowed the entire yard for the first time today and the whole thing is officially GREEN. Very green.
I feel like when we moved the clocks up an hour, we moved an entire SEASON forward, too. Sure enough feels, looks and even sounds like SUMMER. But I'm not complaining. Oh no. Love this weather.

Hedy King said...

I'm a follow Hoosier and a lurker on your blog. I, too was concerned with the lack of posts. But it seems you were busy having good times. Good for you.
We are pleasantly surprised with our Hoosiers, too. Go IU. Lovely bunch of boys this team.
Love the posts re:the Little Bee, only a gma understands that feeling. enjoy our crazy spring.

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