Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wine and Canvas

Have you heard of Wine and Canvas?  It is a new craze that is a lot of fun. 
I was online twice on Sunday between 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.  About ten p.m., I noticed an email in my gmail account and opened it.  It was from my friend Lisa over at Life Unity telling me she had won a couple of tickets and would I like to join her?  I quickly wrote back. I fully expected her to say that she had given up on me and the ticket was no longer available.  But she said she still wanted me to go!  I was so happy and excited!  I met Lisa through blogging and we took another class together about a year ago.  Lisa's email said something like "I would like to paint with you, again."  Do you read Lisa's blog?  If not, hop over and give her a visit.  She has a beautiful soul that shines from within.  She amazes me- has two little ones but still manages to constantly continue to keep up her quest for personal growth and continuing on her artful journey.
I arrived early and Lisa and I sat and visited while we waited for class to begin. 
starting out
seeing red
Lisa and moi
Our class was taught by Greg and our picture was a brilliant New Orleans image.  It was interesting how each picture was similar, but different.  No two were the same as each artist's own personality and style came through.  Greg kept us moving and there were two helpers assisting and snapping photographs.  Our entire class session is on facebook under Malibu in Bloomington.  If you are able, look into the classes.  Each one is taught by a different artist and there are different paintings.  I would do it again.
My favorite part of the whole evening?  Getting to see Lisa and catch up on our lives.  We sat before class and talked about how art is calming and stress free.  We talked about integrity in art and how you are continually growing and learning not only about art and all that it has to offer, but about self and what is inside of you.  I only began my artful journey about three years ago.  Prior to that, my only artistic expressions were through music and writing.  I love art because it is ever changing.  I love how a piece leads you. 
Now, go check out Wine and Canvas and visit Lisa


Chatty Crone said...

That looked fun and I am going to check it out - you did a good job too.


MamaMonki said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Wish there was something like that closer to me.

K.T. said...

They have these events in Indy too. And more often that I would have thought. I'm going to have to do it sometime!

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