Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring time inspiration

I went to Lola Rue recently seeking out a bit of springtime inspiration and look what I found!  I love going into Lola Rue and visiting with Lisa.
  We talk, talk, talk, talk, talk!
 She is so positive and cheerful and encouraging!
A kitchen hand towel by Anna Marie Horner.  Anna Marie.  Swoon.  I was first drawn to the towel  and the bright colors and sweet bird  (love birds) and then I saw the tag and the voice in my head said:  "Must. Have." 
Anna Marie is so adorable.  She has lots of beautiful children and still manages to be so together and successful and beautiful.  I wish she would give lessons on that!  I'm amazed and mesmerized by her! 
What little bit of springtime have you managed to bring home? 
***before you ask...I photographed the towel over the back of my paternal grandma's sewing rocker.  I know.  Great piece of furniture. 


stephanie said...

Love this little pretty. I SO have to make the time to visit Lisa. I haven't been by Lola Rue in so long!!

Karen Whittal said...

Far to pretty to actually use??

Sandy said...

Great tea towel . . anything with nature I'm in love. Love the colors too! I wished we didn't live so far apart . . would love to visit with you. Sandy:O)

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