Sunday, February 13, 2011

Improving my outlook on life

The temperature was fifty-five degrees today and someone got a wild hair and decided to wash the vehicles.  Including mine!  First of all, it isn't much like him to wash a vehicle at all- and I believe this is the first time he has EVER washed mine.  I think spring fever hit him.

 It was difficult for me not to try to tell him how to do it.  I managed to keep my mouth shut. 
My Honda is an '03, but she still cleans up very nicely.  It has been so nasty weather-wise with snow and ice and freezing temperatures that my car had not been washed in months.   I cleaned the interior- vacuuming and cleaning the windows on the inside.  Whoever thought of putting black velvet-like interior in a car never dreamed of having a Corgi riding shotgun.  If she is in my car one time- even if I put a towel or sheet in beforehand, there is hair everywhere.  And how do the windows get dirty on the inside when I haven't had the windows down, there are no children with fingerprints, usually it is just me.  I love it when my car windows are clean and the sun shines in. 
Afterward we took Chelsea out to the trail (in his truck- not my just cleaned car) and we walked five miles.  We ran into two other Corgis on the trail!  We've seen them before but not for a long time.  Interesting how some Corgis look so different.  They had one tri-color like Chelsea but she was so fluffy and had such long hair.  I can't imagine.  Chelsea's coat is bad enough.  Has the spring shed started?  I think so. 
So between washing my car and cleaning the windows and taking a nice long walk in the sunshine, my outlook on life greatly improved today.  I hope you had a sunny day, too!


Hope said...

Love a clean car....not willing to wash my own though! Good for you guys. The weather is FAB!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

It really was an incredible day yesterday, wasn't it? I grabbed my senior coffee, and hit the $5 car wash next door to McD's. Then, all three dogs, (2 corgis and MIL's Golden) went to the high school fields for a good romp. They all arced like porpoises in the snow, the Golden slide sideways making snow angels. What fun for all...I was doubled over laughing watching them. Then, I came home and moved furniture in the small bedroom/craft room. 'Twas a grand day lassie.

In the Light of the Moon said...

Can he come over and clean mine too!!hehheeehee!!A wonderful way to spend you sunny day!!Hugs,Cat

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hey Cheryl, Such a sweet "other-half" to wash your car. I don't know if I could agree with 55 degrees being warm . . just a tad cold for me still. You walk five miles . . good girl! Happy Sweets Day! Sandy:O)

KleinsteMotte said...

Honda's a great car especially when it's shiny. We could use some heat here,

Chatty Crone said...

I have a Honda too - they are nice cars and do clean up nicely. Glad you had a great day to do it.

Angela said...

If Chelsea is already shedding than Spring is closer than we think! I sure hope so! I haven't noticed Jazz shedding yet. It's a tell tail sign around here. Once Jazz starts shedding her Winter coat than Spring is here!

Have a Great Day!

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