Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Throw down! (deviled egg recipe)

On New Year's eve when we went to Doug's boss's house, Doug said that the hostess asked him to bring deviled eggs.  I said I would make them.  He said he would boil them.  I said "make sure they are hard boiled." 
Then he said he would remove the shells and slice them, get them ready to make and I could finish them.  First thing I noticed is that they were not as hard boiled as I prefer.  Second thing I noticed is that they were not sliced like I like. 
I have been known (at times) to be rather picky.
Some say controlling.
Others say bossy.
I am the big sister.  The oldest of three.
Somewhat of a perfectionist.
Doug and I began to have words.
Words over deviled eggs.
I started boiling another dozen eggs. 
To lighten the mood, I said "let's have a throw down."
It wasn't Bobby Flay and Paula Deen, but it was close. 
Doug is very messy and he was chopping and dropping and dripping stuff all over the place.

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 I am extremely neat and tidy and I wash up my work space as I go. 
When I cook, I always have dishwater drawn and ready to wash dishes.
We took both batches of eggs to the party and I was sorely disappointed in the results. 
I thought they would laugh at Doug's eggs, but they said they were very good.
One person said they didn't like my eggs because I had olives on top and pickle relish in mine. 
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Cheryl's Deviled Eggs
Hard boil one dozen eggs
(Grandma's egg holder only holds 8 eggs, but you want some extra yolk)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon dry mustard (I use Colman's)
3 Tablespoons mayo
(even though I'm not a mayo fan and normally eschew the stuff, it tastes good in recipes)
a few squirts of yellow mustard
a couple of teaspoons of sweet pickle relish
sprinkle with paprika and add a sliced olive with pimento

Which would you vote for and why?


Keetha Broyles said...

Your deviled eggs look divine! So neat. So pretty. And I personally LOVE a green olive on mine.

This post cracked me up. SOOOOOO typical. Fisherhubby leaves messes all over the place just by passing through - - - -

I also am the oldest, of only two, but I saw myself in your description! Hey - - - SOMEBODY'S got to take charge or nuttin' gets done!

besswess said...

You are bossy, but so am I.
Capers....I love capers on my deviled eggs.
I think you should paint this. It would make a very interesting still life.

ClassyChassy said...

I love deviled eggs - I add horse radish sauce to mine - for a little 'kick'! Great photos! Makes me want to make some!!!

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