Monday, January 31, 2011

My Mi

I have a kittrs named Milo.  Milo is an orange marmalade tiger stripe with leopard spots kitty.  He is thirteen years old.  As anyone, when they get up in years does, Milo has his good days and his bad days.  He is thin. When I got him I named him Milo after the Milo and Otis cat.  Plus, Milo is a talking cat.  He and I talk to one another all the time.  Uh-oh, I think I sound like a crazy cat lady now.  If you have a cat that talks to you, you know what I mean.
Now I lay me down to sleep...
I had a dream last night that Milo was talking to me with a human voice.  He was dying and telling me that he didn't want to die and I was telling him that it was o.k.  (WHAT has been my fascination and fixation with death as of late?)
Milo is soft as a bunny and I love to cuddle him.  He kind of took a back seat to Chelsea when she came along.  Chelsea is in your me, Pet ME, PET ME! And Milo doesn't have the patience for that.  Milo looks at Chelsea with this pissed look on his face and then ever so often he will just haul off and slap Chelsea with his paw.  When Chelsea meets other dogs out in public, she is always timid and holds back.  I always explain "she lives with cats that slap her."  (Doug's cat Tree joins in the slap-fest, too.)
Milo has a barfy tummy and acts like his teeth hurt him sometimes.  I know he could live another three years or so or he may be nearing the end.  He is a wonderful kittrs.  Even when he slaps Chelsea.


Hope said...

Your posts are very amazing as of late. You have put so awesome and interesting things in. I really like reading about the Challenger!

Chatty Crone said...

Interesting dream and blog - not quite sure what it means.


Karen Whittal said...

I love cats, they are so laid back and take everything in their stride, don't need attention unless they ask for it, and can fend for themselves if you happen to forget to feed them.

Lille Diane said...

Oh I love Milo!! I totally understand and talk with my Opie Taylor ALL the time. I truly believe we can and do communicate with our fur babies if we let go & trust ourselves. My Opie is 10 years old now. I find myself thinking about "that" day somewhere in the future I'll have to say goodbye. It makes me choke up just thinking that way. SO I am trying my hardest to enjoy every minute I have with my Opie Wan Kenobe, my spirit guide kittr that shares the secrets of the Universe with me. Kiss Milo for me, and tell him he is my kinda fur guru!! XX Lille

Lille Diane said...

Just a thought... Milo may have an infection in one or more of his teeth. The drainage might make him throw up... My Mom used to work for a vet so she shared things like this with me. <3

Annabell Manjarrés Freyle said...

So lovely

KleinsteMotte said...

Milo seems to be nudging you to take him for some check up but how he does it in your sleep is pretty cool. Sending esp?? I do love the copassion you share here. :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

My mom's kitty is a talker.

hhhhmmm....what do you think it was all about?

Chappy is terrified of the cats and they could not care less.

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