Saturday, January 1, 2011

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Last night we attended a New Year's Eve party with some Latino friends.  Doug's boss, Craig, married a woman from Costa Rica.  Iliana invited others from Columbia and Mexico.
I studied French for five years. Many people in my life-  my children and friends, studied Spanish.  Spanish and French are both romance languages and some words are similar.  I can speak un poquito and know how to say como ce disa?
Iliana is a talented cook and whenever she has a party, there are a lot of tasty dishes to choose from.
Our beautiful hostess, Iliana and her beautiful pork dish

Ili and Andrew
Iliana and Craig have a beautiful son named Andrew. 

Doug popped the cork and it sat like this. I was saying "let me take a picture!"

Me with Andrew
I love Latinos.  They are so warm and loving and kind and sincere.  The conversation was flowing fast and furious and at times I had no idea what was being said.  Ili would stop and tell us what they were talking about in Spanish.  Especially if everyone is laughing.  We think that since Andrew has come along we will all learn a little more Spanish. 
Doug is going to Nicaragua in April.  When ever I tell anyone, people ask why he is going there.  He is going with a friend who fell in love with Nicaragua and bought property with the hope of retiring there.  The guys are just going together.  Doug has never studied Spanish and is working hard to learn.  One of my Christmas gifts from Doug is that he and I are going to take a Spanish class together.  My hope is that by the time the next party rolls around, I will understand a little more and be able to communicate in Spanish. 
Feliz Ano Nuevo!  Happy New Year!


Wind said...

Happy New Year to you and to everyone you love!
I wish you happiness and health!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Cheryl, You look so pretty in that pic! Looks like a good time too. Sandy:O)

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