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My friend Sandy over at Secrets of Season, gave me this award a couple of days ago.  It is "The Fabulous Sugar Doll blogger Award."  I haven't known Sandy for a very long time, but I like her a lot.  Thank you for this award!  Go visit her blog and hear the beautiful song that I never tire of -Revelation Song by Kari Jobe.  If you are a new follower, a new blog friend, or a new blogger, help yourself to this award and pass it on.

Sandy asked that I tell ten things about myself, but I have  done this recently, so instead, I'm going to tell you about TEN PEOPLE that I will honor this weekend. 

This Saturday, I will be over at our local YMCA participating in Relay for Life.  I have ten luminaria bags to decorate for TEN PEOPLE. 
In memory of those who have fought their battle with cancer and lost:
(in order of passing)

1.  My Papaw, Kenny King
He had bladder cancer and let it go for a long time before getting help. 
 We lost him as a result of his surgery, but as the surgeon put it,
 "It was a blessing for him to pass suddenly- he was full of Cancer."
Papaw was the first person that loved me unconditionally.  When I was a little girl, I would sit on his lap and listen to his watch tick.  To this day, I love a ticking clock. 

2.  My uncle, Howard
My uncle and his wife, Emma Lou divorced when I was a girl.  During most of my growing up years, Howard lived with my Grandma in her farm house and was a frequent guest at our dinner table.  When Howard told Emma Lou he had Cancer, they decided to remarry after many years of being apart and she cared for him until his death.

3.  A past boyfriend's Dad, Steve
I sang in Steve's wedding to his second wife and one of my favorite pictures of us was at the wedding.  One of my most wonderful memories of Steve was when one of his best friend's passed away and I sat between he and his son, Michael at the funeral.  Michael held one of my hands and Steve held the other.  Even though Michael was married when Steve died, my daughter and I went to the funeral home.  Michael said "I knew if you came it would be for Dad and if you stayed away it would be because of me.  That wasn't true. 
 Father and son were both very loving and kind.

4.  My hiking friend, Cindy
Cindy was a vivacious red headed nurse, maybe ten years older than me.  We were hiking in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park in TN with our hiking club from Indianapolis.  It was April, and chilly.  My feet got wet and I was inexperienced and didn't have a dry pair in my bag.  I was starting to get into real trouble when Cindy noticed how quiet I was and asked me what was wrong.  When I told her my feet were cold and wet and I was miserable, she took dirty, dry socks out of her pack and gave them to me to put on.  We always joked after that day and said that we became friends because of a pair of dirty socks. 
 She had lung cancer.  She never smoked, but somehow had "spots" on her lungs which kept on until it got the best of her.

5.  My friend Debbie's Dad, Tom
Debbie's Dad was always laughing, never missed a get-together of any kind and would do anything for anyone, especially his daughters and their children.  He was a special man and I know Debbie misses him very much.  I was honored to have been with him at get-togethers with friends at Debbie's house. 

6.  My friend Kathy's Dad, Willard
Kathy's Dad was a true southern gentleman, hailing from Kentucky. 
 When he was a young man, he lied about his age in order to get into the Civilian Conservation Corp.  Kathy and I have been hiking and camping buddies for a very long time and whenever we would happen upon something that was built by the CCC, we would stop and read the information about it, knowing Kathy's dad and men like him worked hard to create buildings and trails that we still enjoy, today.  Ward was a dedicated Christian man and served in the church I grew up in.  His eyes always twinkled and he would always squeeze your shoulder or take your hand or give you a hug. 

7.  A local man, Bruce
I didn't know Bruce personally, but our local paper just did a three page story on his battle with brain cancer.  He had surgery first, did chemo and radiation and then benefited from hospice.  I didn't know him, but I will honor him in my walk this weekend.

With love and support for those who fight Cancer presently:
(in order of the length of battle)

1.  My friend, Gary
Gary is a fighter and strong.  He has always been strong and a very hard worker.  He has been fighting for a few years now, but presently doing well with his medication.

2.  My friend, Brenda
Brenda was my boss at my local hometown paper where I worked for three years.  Brenda just recently retired and learned she has Cancer.  She has tremendous faith and is believing she will make it through this.  She is currently struggling with chemo and could benefit from your thoughts and prayers. 

3.  My friend, Carri
Carri is a friend from high school and has breast cancer.  She is extremely intelligent and is approaching her battle with a very practical point of view-  "Wham, bam, back to school in the fall." Hers was detected early and that has helped a lot.  She sent all of us gals from high school a message on facebook telling us and telling us to take care of ourselves, too.  She is currently doing treatments and will have surgery then reconstructive surgery.  I admire her "out damn spot" attitude as she is fighting to be well and to get past this. 

If you have lost someone to Cancer or know someone who is currently battling, please join me in raising money to fight this disease that touches all of our lives at one point or another.  If you would like to support me, (even $10. will help),  here is the link.  If you are local, come over and walk with us this Saturday between  noon Saturday and 6 a.m. on Sunday.  Or, get involved with Relay for Life in your area.  I promise, you'll touch ten lives and so many more. 


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Cheryl, the Sugar Doll Award fits you to a "T". This is uncanny, but my Dad is currently battling cancer . . maybe that why we crossed paths, he's been battling it for 2 years now doing ok, it started with a tumor behind his left eye, went through chemo and radiation, loss his hearing on that side, but amazingly, not his vision . . he's constantly in our prayers, and his faith is in order which is a good thing. This is a wonderful thing you're doing for people that our battling this vicious disease. Thank you, Sandy:O)

Cheryl said...

You go woman! Lovely post and great investment of your time for the cause. My friend is a survivor who's volunteering locally at RFL. I've got a button up on my blog in her honor to help support the cause.

rachel awes said...

life IS precious.
LOVE to you & yours. xox

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What beautiful and loving tribute stories of your ten people! Brought me to tears. Cancer is the nastiest thing on earth, I swear!
It sneaks in and steals. Sometimes it can be overcome, and sometimes not. Lovely, heartfelf post....well worth the read m'dear.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love how you are honoring your 10 people.

msdebbiea said...

Thank you my dear friend for honoring my father~~~love you! I do miss him so~~~

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