Monday, June 21, 2010

Blogging Abe Lincoln style

All my life, I heard about Abe Lincoln scratching out his lessons by the light from the fire.  The other night, I blogged by firelight candlelight, so I figure now I got somethin' in common with old Abe. 
In the old days, ("back in the day") as my children say whenever I tell a story, I was accustomed to writing long-hand on a legal pad.  I liked writing longhand on a legal pad.  When I first started using a computer, I would always write my stories long-hand, then "type" them up on the computer.  I probably started to transition to writing via keyboard only after someone wondered why I was using the computer basically as a typewriter and not using it to capability.  Once I got the hang of it, I loved it of course.  I feel like I'm making myself sound ninety years old.  (I'm not.)  The following is what I blogged one night last week, by candlelight when we lost our electricity for many hours.  I was at the table surrounded by Chelsea Kabob Bennett, Milo and Tree. 
Slowed by the lack of electricity, lulled by silence, not even the hum of electricity interrupts our interlude.  I pause to do what it is that I love to do- read.  I sit at the kitchen table, surrounded by a semi-circle of candles to shine upon the page.
The animals, too, sense the calm.  Two cats and a dog sleep nearby.  Normally, the dog demands attention, rudely nudging my thigh with her nose, depositing her toy on my lap, demanding a game of fetch.  This evening, realizing the twilight within the house, serenaded by the sounds of frogs and crickets, she rests at my feet. 
Teased for a moment, with a surge of power which doesn't take, (it is so brief, that the dog doesn't even bark- she replies to the surg with a soft "wumpf" of sound) I am surprised to feel a sense of relief.  Our evening of silence and darkness continues.  Without keyboard, or the light of the laptop screen, I reach for pen to express myself.  My old friend, the legal pad complies, accepting my words.  It is 9:30 and I am ready for bed.  I will rest, expecting my slumber to be halted by the rude sound of electricity. 
**Our electricity didn't come back on until late morning, the next day.  My sleep was uninterrupted, I was able to eek one more hot (fast) shower from the water heater and went to work, not looking too far removed from my normal appearance.


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

A few summers ago, ours went out for two or three days. I had been at camp where we HAD electricity. I came home alone - - - Fisherhubby was at work until midnight - - - and when darkness descended I TRIED to read a book by candlelight. Not having any tapers, I found it nearly impossible. There just wasn't enough light. I couldn't see the page. So, I went to bed and thought my thoughts in the dark until I fell asleep.

You were MUCH more productive by candlelight than I.

ClassyChassy said...

Last summer we were without power for 3 days - and it was soooo boring! I could hardly figure a way to slow down and 'enjoy' it - drove me crazy, I'm ashamed to say. Love my modern way of living!

KleinsteMotte said...

I once spent time in a developing country where the power was off daily for hours at a time. They called it load shedding, a way to distribute power around the city at a lower cost. people were prepared for it. Shops had backup generators. Homes had candles and flashlights. A daily affair.I think it still happens.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

During the Summer, that has to be a killer . . no electricity, hot flash galore for me. I'm glad you were able to sleep through the night. Try to stay dry and cool if you can . . Blessings, Sandy"o)

besswess said...

I love your writing. I can feel your peace. Love you!

Chatty Crone said...

You are my hero. It is way to hot to go w/o a/c! THEN i WORRY ABOUT MY ICE BOX AND YADDY YADDY. sandie

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I really like this post. I like that you found something positive in it.

Angela said...

I never thought about it that way. Blogging Abe Lincoln Style! That is good!

We live in the country so when the electric goes off it could be off for days which I've heard that it has done it in the past. A couple years ago my husband bought me a whole house generator for our anniversary present! lol It was the best present a man could buy! It's one that keeps on giving. When the electric goes off the generator kicks on after a few seconds. I don't have to worry about running water from the well and things like that. Only certain rooms in the house have electric when that happens.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Miss Janice said...

We went through Hurricane Andrew in Miami many years ago and lost our power for ONE MONTH afterwards. Lord have mercy, that was terrible! We could hear our neighbors coughing at night:)

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