Saturday, February 6, 2010

KOWABUNGA dudes..dudettes.

So, we leave for Hawaii on Monday morning. Flight is at 6:30 a.m.
If you wonder what the weather is like for us right now...look at
Bad. Slippy. Slidey.
We will play it by ear on Sunday and see if we need to drive over on Sunday in order to be there early Monday.
Please remember that two years ago, I was stuck on State Road 37N for SIX hours while trying to get to the airport to pick up my daughter.
It wasn't pleasant.

I have done all of the errands. Numerous visits to Kohl's. I've picked up my meds.
Picked up dog food, cat litter, snacks for the trip.

The guest room is a Wreck. I have basically been opening the door and tossing things in. For real.
I also need to clean the house because one of my friends will be house-sitter, pet-aunt. So, gotta scrub the bathtub, and mop floors.

It is 1:47, local time. I am staying up in an effort to an effort to get switched. Hawaii is five hours behind us. No matter what, by the time we get there, I count on being dead tired. I don't sleep well on planes. Even when I take a Tylenol P.M. My legs flinch and I can't quite get to sleep. I have, however, been known to catch a few z's while laying on the airport floor.
We shall see.
It seems to me, I have an incredible amount to do tomorrow. But, I have all day. Right?


Kelly said...

Let's hope the Colts win to send you off right! :)

Oh and here is the corgi commercial:

Have a great trip!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Let's hope that your trip is full of fun and relaxation with no snags from here on until your return! I'm so dang jealous! Getting ready for a trip is exhausting, and having someone in your house, while smart, adds to the stress. Hang in, you'll soon be up, up and away!!! What a delicious way to escape...Winter!

Chatty Crone said...

Have a great vacation and think of us back here in the rain and snow - no don't, have fun and forget us! (Just for awhile.)


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