Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

I love the old movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and Andie McDowell. First of all, what is not to love about that movie? A lot of people have told me through the years that I look like Andie McDowell, which is a HUGE compliment. Maybe back in the day before I was all drawn and wrinkled. And back in the day my hair was long and sort of fuzzy hers used to be.
And Bill Murray...that guy is just so lovable!

One of my favorite scenes is when the groundhog is driving and Bill says "Don't drive mad!"
History tells us that people have been gathering on Gobbler's Knob in PA for over a century to await Punxsutawney Phil's prediction of whether or not we will have another six weeks of winter. This situation is hilarious. First of all, it is February, people! It is dark and gloomy and of course he is going to see his shadow.
But, I was one of those people this morning, anxiously awaiting his prediction, tuned in with our local weather forecast to learn the outcome. I told Doug we need to put this on our bucket list. I think it would be a blast to be there in person.
Six more weeks of winter? We will be in Hawaii for two of those weeks, so I think I can handle it.


Kelly said...

Hawaii?? NIce, I am soo jealous :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am praying for snow in Hawaii!

ClassyChassy said...

Hope you get ice and snowstorms in Hawaii!!! Not really, but I do wish I was the one going there!

Nicole said...

I wouldn't have caught the resemblance, but she really does look like you in the movie cover. She looks totally different from herself now.

Oh, Phil. Why can't he just see his shadow and get this winter out of the way? ;)

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Cheater! Oh sure, just like the Obama's huh...Hawaii in Winter.
It would be fun, I'd have to agree, to go to PA and be part of the craziness there, honoring a rodent, for heaven's sake!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I've always enjoyed the thought of this old tradition. I'm not sure, but it's looking like we're in for an early spring here in our part of the world, or so they say. We're sort of used to being ignored by that old groundhog though!

I love Hawaii. We have visited there 5 times. Usually we visit Kaui, which is my favorite of the Islands. It's so relaxed there, and less developed. I love that about it. Hawaii smells so lovely too!

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

I love that movie too! AND that scene is hysterical. Don't you wish you could have a few do-over days till you get it right? Oh the possibilities! xo xo

Chatty Crone said...

Can you believe another 6 weeks of winter - enough already.

Glad to meet you by the way.

I loved Groundhog Day - the movie - do you ever feel like you're in it sometimes yourself in this life?

I do!

So what is winter like in Hawaii? 80? lol


Chatty Crone said...

PS My mom, dad, and brother = born in Indianapolis. I was born in Chicago.

Did you get a lot of snow?


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