Thursday, October 15, 2009

On the heels of Lewis and Clark

On Sunday, October 4, we headed back to Portland. We decided to make the trip a loop so that we didn't drive back the same way we had so that we might see some different scenery. Many years ago, Doug and Greg had visited Fort Clasop and Doug wanted me to see it.
Doug, (note the monkey-lips kiss) Sacajawea and me.
Just an idea of how large the trees are out there
Looking up
Room inside fort

The fort on site is actually a replica of the original. With approximately 70" of rain falling in the area, the untreated wood of the original fort rotted in the mid 1800s. Fort Clasop is where the Corp of Discovery spent the winter from December 1805 to March 1806.
Doug and I on the Netual River trail
Doug, me, and Celeste

After visiting the fort site, we continued on our way. With bellies growling, we first stopped at Bruce's Candy Kitchen in Cannon Beach. Then we continued down the road to Astoria, where we drove around trying to decide where to stop and eat. We settled on the Cannery Cafe. (If you look on the website, it is interesting to see that many of the photos are nearly the same as my photos.)
From the dock
From a look -out point above the cafe
Celeste, Greg and Doug.
Doesn't Doug look like the perfect gentleman the way he is clasping his hat to his heart?

Isn't this lovely?

I turned and through my own lens, saw this sight and immediately had to capture it through the camera lens. When I took the shot, Celeste turned and looked as if to say what are you taking a photo of? My motto is: to get a really great shot, you have to take a lot of pictures. I shoot all of the time. I love digital because if you don't like it, just trash it.
Crab cake (delicious)...look at that plate!

Located on the Columbia River, the Cannery Cafe is a wonderful place to eat. My crab cake was very good. Since eating crab cake on the east and west coast, I never eat it in the midwest. Because you can't get good crabcake in the midwest. After lunch, we returned to Portland where Doug and Greg visited for the evening and Celeste and I visited for the evening. Thank you friends, for your generous hospitality.


^..^Corgidogmama said...

What a fantastic trip for you two. The locale, harbor, all look delightful. But, those crab cakes, oh man, I would have wrestled ya' for those!!
Clever photos!

Miss Janice said...

Looks like "fun times." I'm a huge crab cake lover and those look so tasty!

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