Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Manzanita, Oregon

We flew into Oregon at midnight on Friday, October 2nd. We picked up our rental car and proceeded to Greg and Celeste's house. I had never met either. Doug and Greg have been friends since college days. When we arrived, I greeted Greg and then said "it is 4:30 a.m. in Bloomington." And Greg said "what is your point?" I was very tired and Doug and I fell into bed and got seven hours of sleep.
The next morning, we packed up and headed to the coast. Coastal Oregon
View from the condo
See? It was so lovely.
Celeste made tasty sandwiches and we went out to the shore for a walk.
Doug and I had never been to the ocean together, before.
Celeste and Greg
Sea grass and sunset
We went back indoors and Greg made his deliciously healthy Nicaraguan chowder. Everyone chopped and I was the photographer.
Doug chopping. He cried like a baby.
Celeste chops.
Greg chops.
Celeste chops some more.
Greg chops some more.
After dinner, Doug played and we sang. We schlepped Doug's guitar all the way from Indiana.
Gettin' ready.

We had a wonderful time at the shore. It was sunny and clear. In fact, when we told everyone that we were vacationing at the northwest territory, everyone said "take your raincoat." We didn't have rain one time. Greg says it is never clear and sunny at the coast like that in October. I guess it is another sign that our lives are blessed.


Nicole said...

You are blessed! Your pictures are so beautiful. I think I NEED to go out there sometime; it just looks amazing and relaxing.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What an amazing trip for you and hubby! It fed you spiritually, physically, you spent valued time with friends, saw the ocean, oh my, you must have felt so renewed! Just what you needed, right?

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