Monday, June 22, 2009

Taste of Bloomington

Saturday evening, Doug and I went to an annual event, Taste of Bloomington. It felt like it was nine hundred degrees out, in reality, it was only ninety. Note the steam spot on my lens in the following photo.
Not everyone was happy to be there.
How adorable.
Almost like a little papoose- but on the front of mama rather than behind.
Prime view for the music stage.

How fun! Pink hair.
Doesn't this look like a guy who would run into you and spill his beer on you,
on your clothes, on your purse and not even say excuse me or apologize?
Someone is excited.
Father's Day - a day early.
Another little gal in love with her Daddy.
My Duggles.
A little daring for my taste.
Where would one work if they wore this hairstyle?
Ooops. Someone caught me.
Summer evening sky.
Our friend T.J. playing with the Dynamics.
The end of the evening.
I was exhausted
from working one of our big semi-annual events.
My legs on his legs.
His hands on my legs.

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msdebbiea said...

How fun~~~~this looks like a great event! Love this post!!! :)

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