Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Time to take down the tree?

During December, I neglected myself by skipping my hair appointment in order to save money. Therefore, two weeks into January, I have dark roots, sparkles of "silver" and fuzzy ends. Woe is me.
However, I had this strange desire to get my toenails painted "Christmas red," with a tree on my big toe nail. It was wonderful. I went in on one of those days that my tail was draggin' and I enjoyed it to the hilt.
I'm still walking around with a Christmas tree on my big toenail and my tree is still up at home. *sigh,*
Maybe I can get a heart painted on my toe nail next time. Now, there is an idea!
p.s. My big toe is bent at that awkward angle because in the second grade, while taking swim lessons at the YMCA, I hit my big toe on the bottom of the pool (I was a very exhuberent begginner who later in life grew in skill well enought to become a lifeguard). My instructor pounded on it, as I sat on the side with tears in my eyes, holding my foot and told me "oh, you are o.k."
"No, dumb head, it was broken" and here is the proof to this day. I was a swim lesson drop-out that year as I had to stay in bed with my foot up on a pillow until it became comfortable enough to walk on.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said... is time to take down the tree. No matter how cute it is on your toe.

I was a swim school drop out but I never went back and learned.

gopmom2 said...

Okay...we must be neighbors...and we like a lot of the same blogs. I went to Silver Bella in November. Took classes. Rebecca Sower, Teresa McFayden. Jen Kerschner (The Cottage Nest) was there. Having lunch with her tomorrow. Where do your children go to school.

alice said...

Hi Whosyergurl,
I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog, and I hope everything goes well tomorrow.

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