Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Don't use that tone with me!

Last night I went to pick up my medicine. I thought it was called in last Friday, but had been unable to get there. First, I told the woman that I had a script to pick up. We went through the whole name, date of birth routine. Then she asked what I was picking up. I said "I don't know - it is a steroid," and told her the doctor's name. (The script I was picking up was the only one under his name.) "EN-TO-CORT," she told me as if I were a toddler. "The name of your medicine is ENTOCORT. And that was filled LAST FRIDAY." I just looked at her and thought "o.k., whatever." I was under the impression that sometimes, places didn't fill the prescriptions until the buyer arrived to pick them up.
Then I asked her what other meds she had on file for me because I'm out of something at home.
"Just about everything." she said.
I said "well, I usually do mail prescriptions, so I didn't know what you had on file for me."
Then I asked for that medication by name and she told me she didn't have it.
She had a name badge with a long row of gold hearts across the top of it. I thought to myself, surely those are for years of service and not that you have an actual heart or that you've been rewarded for excellent customer service.

There is another place in town that carries scrap booking supplies and sometimes I go there to buy card making supplies. The woman behind the register just stares at the register as if it has a television screen on it. She doesn't smile, never makes small talk, just seems as if she is a zombie. I would rather drive to Papertrix in Nashville to see my friends Cindy and Wayne than buy from the zombie-woman.

With all of the problems with the economy, I would think people would be running to meet consumers with open arms. Because I am still stimulating the economy, I am going to be careful as to where I spend my dollars! So if you aren't friendly or if you are down-right hateful to me, I don't think I'll be back. It would be too bad if things got so bad that you lost your job over it. You see, I do believe one person can make a difference. Especially when that one person is ME.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Amen! You and me both girl. I am really trying to use what I have and recycle. BUT...when it comes to paper..I BUY!

The story of Gingerbeans tail. She really did not have one when I got her. She had been docked. SHORT. Gosh only knows how long that girl's tail would have been had she been allowed to keep one!!!

She is a Pembroke. And she thinks she is my leader. She wonders how in the world I survived without her. *grins*

Miss Janice said...

I totally agree with you. I have designed an award--"Miss Janice's Silver Spoon" award. I will post about good and bad customer service...good will 1-4 silver spoons and bad customer service will get "Miss Janice's Tarnished Spoon Award."

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