Sunday, May 6, 2012

Planting in Indiana

Seems every year I am chomping to plant.  Here in Indiana, they say not to plant until after Mother's Day.  I took a chance and planted today- but planted in planter boxes.  I used to live in zone 5 and now I live in zone 6a.
I buy a lot of plants at Farmer's Market and for the past few years I've bought from two people.  This year I found a new guy at Farmer's Market and I really like his plants.  And, he has good prices.  He sells his hostas five for $25.00.  I bought seven hostas from him, a begonia and a columbine.  Below is the beautiful begonia.  I love begonias because they remind me of my paternal grandma.  She always had begonias. 
 We have two planter boxes beside the carport.  I've always planted the lower planter box with colorful annuals.  The last year or two I started mixing in some perennials.  Doug lets the chickens free-range,  and they have torn my planter all to hell.  So I decided I needed to put in larger plants.
lower bed
 The other problem I've had with the upper box is the cats thinking they can use it for a litter box.  So I planted a lot of hostas and the columbine and then we gathered stones from the creek and I edged the beds with the stones.  Hopefully that will keep the cats and the chickens out.
upper bed
I was just doing some hosta research online and it said there are approximately 45 species of hostas and 600 varieties.  I bought my hostas on two different occasions and I was trying to get a lot of variety and I'm happy to say not one is the same.  Here are all of the hostas that I purchased: 
Queen Josephine

Great Expectations

Fragrant Bouquet

Ann Kulpa

Golden Tiara


Paul's Story
I've been keeping all of them under the carport since we bought them.  It was hotter than blue blazes today (about 85 degrees) so I took the plunge and planted.  I think they will be fine.  As long as I can keep the cats and the chickens out of them!


Kris said...

Very pretty! Good luck with the planting early!!!

Holly said...

I think the golden tiara is my favorite. They are so pretty. Hope all goes well with the early planting. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Those are some gorgeous hostas! I'm a rock hound and always gathered some when we were rv'ing. Yours really set off the beds and hostas. Nice look!!

Privet and Holly said...

I adore hostas, as
they are simply lovely,
ask so little, and come
back in a bigger way
each and every year!


PS: Just loved your
last post and completely
agree with you! xo

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