Monday, May 7, 2012

What are they wearing in Paris?

All I've done as of late is talk about Paris.  As with any event in my life, the big question is
What to wear?
My friend sent an email recently and said "I hope you're packing this..."
oooh la la
 I said "I've got one in my suitcase right now!"

If you are a long-time reader, you remember the green trench...

Then I bought this jacket, which I think I will take.

Now, I've been researching on the Internet and reading everything I can get my hands on about Paris and Parisians and French people in general.  I read that they don't wear white tennis shoes and as soon as you appear in white tennis shoes, you are identified as an American.  I am an American and so that isn't a terrible thing (in my mind) to be identified as.  However, I don't want to be preyed upon because someone thinks I'm American.  I read that if you wear tennis shoes in Paris that they had better be pink or purple or orange or pink glitter.  (I believe I read this in My Sweet Life in Paris.)
How about these?

 I've had these for several years, but have hardly worn them.  They are Ecco shoes and very comfortable.  I asked Chelsea if she thought I should wear them...
She said "Oui, Madame!"  What do you think?  (And when did my ankles get so fat?)


Kris said... the outfit you are taking!!! And love the shoes too. You must be giddy!!!

Holly said...

Love the lampshade thingamadoodle on her head. Cute shoes, just make sure they are going to stay comfy after miles of walking.

Bonnie said...


I just stumbled upon your website. I am a 50 year old woman and I am leaving for my first trip to Paris in two weeks. I have been doing a lot of the same research that you have. I am from Florida and it is already very hot here, but one Paris rule is: No shorts! They do not wear them. So, I am taking some summer dresses and some skirts with cute blouses. I also have some dark jeans (Paris rules: very dark (almost black) and NEVER light to med blue. The jeans should be the skinny jeans that taper down. I am fortunate that I have one pair of those as I do not wear jeans as a rule. I am taking a new pair of Ecco's that I just bought. They are a black gladiator sandal and will go with everything. I also have a stylish pair of Sketcher tennis shoes and a black pair of Mary Jane's. Flats are the way to go in Paris, but they hurt my feet, so I must leave them home. I also read that big sunglasses are in and big purses. They do not wear much make-up, but do love jewelry. At the end of the day, I am an American traveling over there, and while I do not wish to stand out, I am probably not going to look like a local and that is fine with me. Have a wonderful trip! Bonnie

Donna said...

Bonnie had some great tips. No shots? Who knew. Those tennies are certainly NOT white! Ha! Love hearing about your clothing plans and prep. I'm always fascainated by how people pack and intrigued how some can take almost nothing but still look so great. I overpack for everything. But still worry that I didn't bring enough. One think I like to do (dorky?) is match a whole day's worth of clothing including underthings and accessories and put it in one plastic bag together. For a week I'd have a week's worth of bags (probably with a note to self saying wear jeans with this if jeans are for another day too). Then store things that might be smelly in plastic bags for the trip home. You def. want space to bring "finds" home. Wonder how their clothes are sized. If they have malls or if everything is a boutique (that's how I imagine it.) You've said you will ship things back. How hard is it to go through that process? I would be sure to know that going in so if you find fabulous things, and you will, they can go home separately.Exciting!


I march to the beat of my own drum. And have trouble packing when we go to Kalamozo for the music festival. However I've found that a long black jumper with assorted tops works well. You can switch it up daily. Wear tops over or under it to dress it up or down. BUT when in Paris one must fit in for sure. The sneakers are lovely. Perfect. Take them. BUT enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I love these kicks!

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