Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving visitors

My Thanksgiving holiday began by picking up my son's girlfriend, Dino, in Indianapolis.  She had been attending a conference in Chicago.  I drove up on Monday evening and picked her up.
Tuesday morning, she gathered eggs.  We have ten layers and apparently a couple had laid after Doug gathered the day before.  She found a dozen eggs. 

Dino gathered eggs!

Twelve eggs!
My son was coming in on Tuesday evening which gave Dino and I the whole day to get to know one another a little better.  I had previously only spent one evening with her when we celebrated my birthday in North Caroline (where they live) a year ago.
First, I took her to one of my favorite Bloomington restaurants, Malibu.  This is a restaurant where my son and I have shared many an evening. 
Dino at Malibu the day before her birthday
Originally, I had planned that Dino and I would hike at Brown County State Park which is one of the most popular parks in Indiana.  A torrential downpour would have meant muddy, slippery trails so we opted for a car tour of the park.
At Abe Martin Lodge in the pouring rain.
 Brown County State Park is in Nashville, IN.  Some call it "Little Nashville" with Nashville, TN being "Big Nashville."  We don't have mountains, but we have some fairly big hills. (Most of Indiana is flat until you head south.)
The hills of "Little Nashville"
On Tuesday evening, we headed back to Indianapolis to the airport.  My son flew in and we met up with his Dad.  His Dad took he and Dino for Wednesday and Thursday.
Until Thursday evening when we headed back to Indianapolis to meet my son's dad, Doug and I had a quiet Thanksgiving.  We had ham sandwiches for lunch and decided we must be the only people that didn't stuff ourselves. We built a fire and hung out.
Milo and Chelsea hang by the fire on Thanksgiving day
That night when we returned to the house, I had a birthday cake for Dino.  Although it slipped a bit, she loved it.  Her birthday was actually on Wednesday so I was able to celebrate the day before and after with her.
I baked a cake for Dino's birthday
We were all very happy to have them home for a couple of days with us.
Bradley and Tree


^..^Corgidogmama said...

Uh...hello.....but I am the only one who noticed how much this girl resembles you??? Your smiles, body language and who being are almost clone like! No wonder your son fell for her!!!

Kris said...

Hi Cheryl. What a cute girl Dino is! Such a smile!!! Sounds like you really enjoyed having them!!! The eggs...oh my, isn't it so fun? I thought it would never happen, and now suddenly, I have eggs coming out my ears. Even at 4 or 5 a day, they add up fast!!!!
Your Thanksgiving sounded very cozy!!!

ArtyMarti said...

She looks like a happy girl. It was good that you got to spend some getting to know you time with her.

Chatty Crone said...

Beautiful girlfriend and I know you made her feel so welcomed and loved until your son got home! Sandie


Dino is lovely. Sounds like you had a very nice visit. The birthday cake looked yummy. Glad a good time was had by all. Quiet holidays are nice. Take care.

Holly said...

Dino is adorable. Sounds like a really nice Thanksgiving. Is it getting really chilly there? Any sign of snow? Guess you can't send me some of that, huh? :)

Brian Miller said...

very cool...glad you got that quality time with them and made her feel special on her birthday...

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