Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still here

One of my new blogger friends, Holly, asked if I had been raptured.  Nope.  I have to wonder how people get sucked in to some crazy ideas.  How sad for them.  What I learned when I was growing up and I'm not certain of the scriptures, but I always believed that we were not supposed to know when and that we were instructed to "tarry" until that time...which means "carry on."  I have to say it was a little fun thinking "what if." But to think that you know the day it is supposed to happen and the time?  Sounds too crazy to me. 

I hiked with my hiking group yesterday morning.  We did six miles on a trail that is very near to where I live. Then one of my gal friends from the group stayed over with us last night.  We had another friend over and had a fire out back and roasted dogs.

This morning Doug and I made a run to the farm store for more chick starter.  Five weeks later- twelve chicks have eaten nearly fifty pounds of food.  They act as if they are starving. 
Then Doug had to buy more lumber for the pen and I got some plants. 

For the deck out back:
super bells.  I love super bells.

hanging basket.  impatiens and vinca vine
 I have a large flower bed near the entrance of the property and each year I clear away the leaves from the previous fall.  I feel as if I am pulling back the blankets after a long winter's nap and saying "wake up."  I usually put in perennials for long-term and annuals for planters and pots.  I also like to buy a few new plants each year just to see how they do.  
can't remember the name of these, but they are perennials
and do well for me

never planted this before.  "brass buttons" 
 supposed to be able to walk on it

can't remember name of this.  have never had it. 
 don't know if it is an annual or perennial but I loved it
I always plant the planter next to the carport.  This year I chose lavender and yellow.  I planted pansies, violas, impatiens and coleus.
planter near carport

It rained off and on today.  When I first heard thunder this morning,  I thought it was an explosion.  The rain would pour and then the sun would come back out.  This happened about four times today.  Doug was working on the chicken pen out back and I was out front working on my flower beds.  At one point I took out my cell phone and called him "yes, this is the front yard- calling the back yard- I need your help."  Late in the afternoon it started pouring, yet another time.  I was standing under the carport and thought "man, a beer would taste good about now."  So I went in and got a couple of beers, then pulled chairs to the sliding door to the deck and Doug and I sat and drank our cool beers and watched it rain.  
Then he threw a Frisbee with Chelsea.  
tuckered out
Chelsea didn't get raptured, either.  And for the record- my idea of Heaven would be one that includes animals.


Joan said...

I'm here too. =)

I completely agree; heaven must include animals.

I love your planters and garden beds. I love that you plant what you like and don't care what it's called. I do the same.

ain't for city gals said...

I can't imagine a heaven without dogs! lol...I have to go back and read the post so I can write my comment on what I was going to say...brb...

ain't for city gals said...

ok..i remember now...they say that rapture guy made 79 million dollars or some obsene amount and now people were furious with him...that just cracks me up!..if they were so silly to send them all their money because they wouldn't need it anymore..more power to him....Holly and I are going to come and visit you one day...right Holly? we are picking Jan up in Col on the way!

Whosyergurl said...

You crack me up. Yes, I read that a nurse quit her job for two years to get the word out. are coming to see me? :-)

Mariliz said...

They say all dogs go to heaven, I sure hope that is true!

Holly said...

Hey Darlin! Sheryl and I are on our way cuz we want those hotdogs cooked outside. I wish! Anyway, my dog and one of our cats can get raptured with me, there's no way the other cat would make it through those pearly gates. She's rotten.

msdebbiea said...

This entire day sounds like a day in heaven to me! :)

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