Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Power in the cup

 This morning when I was driving to work, I looked over at the car next to me and saw this man- right hand on the steering wheel, left hand holding a cup of Starbucks, elevated near his left shoulder.  Have you seen someone hold a Starbucks coffee in this manner?  It occurred to me that there is power in the cup.  First of all you have sugar and caffeine.  Secondly, it is prestige.  It is like when someone carries an expensive camera, hand cradling it like a baby, near their chest.  I know I carry my camera like this for several reasons- first of all if you just hang it around your neck, it bumps and swings and that is annoying.  Secondly, in a crowd, someone may bump into me.  Third, again, I think people carry cameras like this because of prestige- look at me, I have an expensive camera.  I am a photographer.  I think part of the reason that people carry their Starbucks cup elevated for the same reason- so as not to bump or spill and to say Look at me, I'm drinking Starbucks.
It isn't cheap, but I love Starbucks.  There I said it.  An admission to the world.  I am not a wealthy person.  For me, Starbucks is a treat.  It is a comfort place.  It is a happy place.  If there is one day of the week I am more likely to get a Starbucks, it is Friday.  Happy Friday!  And if it is payday Friday?  Oh yeah.  I'm there.
I have a friend that loves Starbucks, too.  She was forever talking about being in Starbucks.  I said "how do you afford to go so often?"  She started telling me about Starbucks card program- how you register a card and your purchases start to build towards free stuff.  There is a nifty meter on your page that shows your progress.  After a certain point you become a Gold Card Member.  Status. 
Holiday cup makes me happy
 and helps me get into the holiday spirit.
Recently, Starbucks has added small snacks to their menu.  They call them Starbucks Petites.  I love it.  A little treat is perfect.  I had a mini cupcake and even shared it with Doug.  Sometimes a bite or two is just enough.  I love the salted caramel sweet squares.  And fewer calories.  My favorite drink is a caramel frap and have recently discovered the lighter version- fewer calories and more coffee punch.  On a hot summer day, especially if I am driving a long distance, a caramel frap delivers the perfect punch of sugar and caffeine.  On a cold day or a morning when I need a kick, my favorite drink is a venti mocha.  If you are doing weight watchers, you can see how many points each item is on the menu by checking the nutrition guide.  They also have birthday cake pops- "cake on the go."  What a great idea.  Fun for kids and less mess for everyone. 
Starbucks has been around since 1971.  Through the years they have changed the logo on the cup.  This past March they unveiled a new logo, retaining the siren, but dropping the name.  The logo says it.  They don't need the name.  It is like my referring to it as Starbucks.  You don't need to say coffee.  It is like someone asking for a kleenex and you know they mean tissue.  Or when someone orders a coke and you know they mean soda or pop.
The siren is seductive.  She beacons and calls.  Originally the thought was that she would be as seductive as coffee is, itself.  More on the siren logo here.  She has been controversial and pared down more and more through the years, first covering her bare breasts and then covering her navel.  A siren is thought to lead to a bad result by legend.  Some argue that the symbol is not a siren, but a melusine, which is a female spirit of fresh water.  I feel she is a siren and yes, she seduces me.  I keep an app on my droid so that when I travel I can find Starbucks.  And Starbucks in Barnes and Noble?  My idea of heaven.  It is a treat that I can give to myself.  I'm not a Starbucks whore, but rather one who flirts with the siren.  I visit at least once every two weeks and at most, once a week.   And do I have a card?  Yes.  I like free stuff.  I want my purchases amount to something.  I recently changed jobs and there is a Starbucks across the street from my new building.  People take breaks and go to Starbucks.  People have meetings in Starbucks.  More interesting Starbucks information found here.
Do I hoist my cup?  Yes.  I don't want to spill and I have to wonder if a little bit of me is saying look at me I'm drinking Starbucks.


Kris said...

LOL..funny post!!!
PS Did get your comment!! Thanks

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

that is funny.

I only get to go to Starbucks when I am in Amarillo....75 miles away.

I always get a Venti Green Tea Iced Tea with 2 equals. mmmmmmmmmm

Holly said...

Love this post. My daughter has worked for Starbucks for years. She is about to become a manager and finally get her own store. She love working for them. I, myslef, am not a big fan of their coffee. I have a cheap pallette. I like plain old Folgers (I'm married to a truck driver) very very strong. The one treat my daughter does bring me that I love in the wonter is their hot caramel apple cider. It's to die for! I hold it high. Now that you mention that, I do see that quite a bit. Weird.

MamaMonki said...

MMMMMMM Love a mocha caramel frappe. I need to sit down and figure out points plus values so I can splurge every once in awhile. Also going to have to check out the petite treats!

Hope said...

What a great post! You sure do have a lot to say LOL! Starbucks is a 'travel' treat for me but I brew regular's not the coffee....but the coffee maker that makes good coffee IMO! Come in and see me sometime on your walks! Come see the messy craft never know what to expect if you stop by! If the Khaki Yukon is in the drive I am usually here!

Chatty Crone said...

I love Starbucks, but it's a bit pricey. Thanks for sharing about the card.

farmlady said...

I love Starbucks. I waited for years for the company to put a store in our small town. It's a special one with a drive through window. Wow! The wait was worth it. I even go to a knitting group that meets there.
Have you ever tried their Tarragon Chicken Sandwich? It's WONDERFUL.
I love the Mocha Carmel Frappe' but uaually go with a coffee latte....iced in the summer.
I find it odd that the man was carrying the coffee on his shoulder..... but I have seen stranger things being done while people are driving.
Good post... thanks for the info about the card.

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