Sunday, September 26, 2010

A job with class

If you are a regular reader, you know that I work full-time at the university and then I have a part-time job at Papertrix in Nashville, IN.  I love working at Paptertrix.  The truth of the matter is, it isn't work at all.  Nashville, IN is an artist's colony with many shops.  Especially in the fall, we have a lot of tourists staying in the hotels and cabins.  Many of them come back year after year.  As one woman put it yesterday, "we're home."  Yesterday, Cindy had Emma Lou Beechy, owner and designer of Heartfelt Creations come in to teach classes.  She taught three classes and there was one open spot in the second class and Cindy had me fill that spot.  The name of the class was "Classic Card."Emma Lou is knowledgeable, sweet and very well spoken.  I like classes because you learn new technique.  Sometimes, you learn a different way of doing something that you already knew how to do.  On the card we made in class, we used markers and blended.  We also used glue with a metal tip,  (seen in foreground of this picture) which gave you not only a lot of control, but the tip made for a very fine line of glue. 
 We were in the basement of the Artist's Colony Inn which is a warm and cozy classroom.  Look at all of Emma Lou's storyboards.  She is all about details and bling and lots of layers!  Go to her website and take a peek!
 Here is the card I made in class.  Wayne, Cindy's husband, was so excited that he kept showing everyone in the store my card when I returned.  This isn't normally my style of card, so the class caused me to step outside of my "normal,"  which is good.  This photograph does not do it justice.  We first used markers and blended.  Then we cut the picture in thirds (which isn't something I would think about doing) and mounted on gold and then mounted on a forest green card.  We double-layered the cardinal and used a couple of mounting squares to give him a fat tummy. Then we glittered.  We had glitter everywhere.  Pat, beside me, patted her face with her hands to give herself some extra sparkle.  I had glitter on my hiking boots!  Thems some pretty hiking boots!
 I picked up these mums on Friday and it occurred to me to share them with Cindy, owner of Papertrix.  Cindy is always doing nice things for everyone.  (Like putting me into the class.)  The mums pictured here are mine, but the ones I took to her I put into a vase and tied up with a two different cloth ribbons and made a tag.  When I gave them to her I said "welcome to our busy season."  I think she liked them.
Cindy is encouraging and I have seen her (on more than one occasion) JUMP up and down in excitement and enthusiasm.  She is one crazy lady.  She has a heart of gold and I won't give all of the details, (some acts of kindness should be kept private, and it was kind of personal for the customer) but towards the end of the day yesterday, I witnessed an act of kindness involving a customer that moved the customer to tears.  So, I think Cindy is the sort of person who deserves some fresh flowers, don't you? 


Cheryl said...

She sounds like she's a doll to work for. Nice job stepping out of the box with the card.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Love the spinach salads at the Artist Colony Inn, great place to host a card making session.
This time of year always makes me think and remember Brown County.
It's one of Indiana's treasures.
Your card turned out terrific, what fun for you!

m i c h e l l e said...

"Artist's Colony" Inn? Oooh that just sounds like a vacation destination! Your card is beautiful, Cheryl! And those mums...they look good enough to eat! :-)

Monica said...

Great card! My sister loves to create cards with Stamping Up, and she got one of those criket cutters or whatever they are - and has a blast with it, making cards and her photo albums!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am just so jealous of your job.

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