Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Conservatory Shadow Box

I've mentioned in the past that I work as a designer for a shop in Nashville (Indiana) named
Papertrix.  A recent assignments was to design a shadow box using Seven Gypsies Conservatory papers.  I started with the black photo tray.  I also used chipboard letters from the Seven Gypsies Venice line and rubbings from the Natural History collection.  I also used a package of 7 Gypsies Vintage hardware which included a spoon, a clock face, a label holder, a sprocket and a key. Ephemera that I had at home included a coffee stained piece of doily, metal numbers, a real twig from a tree, some real butterfly wings (including a whole monarch), real moss, real dried leaves from my yard.
Here I am in the shop.  If you look closely, you'll see Wayne and Cindy behind me.
Doesn't the shop look fascinating?  It is!  
I also used a brass bug that I had, watch parts that I bought from Wayne and Cindy, ribbons and word sayings cut from a sheet (Artchix Studio).  I also used a new stamp that I had just bought (Memory Box vintage scroll) with a new Versa Magic Dew Drop (oasis green).  I LOVE that ink and will buy more!
I get a little bolder with each piece I create.  With this piece, I was using two different adhesives and one of them dried white rather than clear.  I just ripped off everything I had used the white adhesive on and started over.  There are no mistakes in art, just character.  I also distressed the black frame a bit using picket fence Tim Holtz distress crackle paint.  Cindy has it all in the shop!
I spent hours on this piece and really loved it.  When I took it in to Cindy, she told me that she loved it so much it about made her cry!  Do you know how good that made me feel?  It is such an amazing experience to work for someone who empowers me in my artistic adventure.  Wayne and Cindy both feel that there is no "less is more," but rather, "more is more," which is exactly how I feel. 
If you live nearby, come in and see this shadow box in person.  I know Cindy can fix you up with all that you need to make one for your own home.  And if you aren't local, call her!  She will send it to you.  Pretty soon, I'll start working in the store on weekends from Fall through Christmas.  Come down and see me!  Wayne and Cindy are enthusiastic and friendly and FULL of good ideas.  Every time I go into the store, Cindy has lots of new things.  So, if you have been in, go back again and again.  You'll find new and fun items to create with every time!


Cheryl said...

This is beautiful. And it looks like your work-outs and dietary changes have helped you to become quite healthy and slender.

paperbird said...

Hi Cheryl, I like your shadow box it looks great- feel good to create don't you think?
Many of the scrapbook stores here are disappearing- it's really sad.

paperbird said...

oops- it is supposed to say- it feels good to create, don't you think?

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Nashville has always been "the spot" for me and my kids. It was always our escape place, and we'd make 5-6 trips a year when we lived in Logansport. Since living in North Manchester, it's a little more involved in getting there.....woe is me. I so, so, so want to come down again, and see the shop and meet you Cheryl. You look fantastic by the skinny little munchkin. You look 22 again and full of piss and vinegar...and artsy talent to boot!
You're too too cool little missy!
Thanks for sharing the shop, and your latest piece. Love it!!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Have fun creating . . . you look so thin in this photo, someones been working hard. You look great. Sandy:O)

Hope said...

Hi Cheryl~
First off....let me say you look fabulous!!! I love your shadowbox piece. All the vintage embellishments really add to it. I love your touch of nature. I drive my son to hockey tonight in Columbus...I'm gonna stop by Papertrix...I love going there.

stephanie said...

Love that store! Unfortunately, just haven't left Bloomington in ages so haven't gotten over there. Will have to venture over soon.

Your shadowbox is beautiful!

Jen Kershner said...

It's truly beautiful! I love Papertrix and haven't been in ages. We've been talking about taking a Saturday trip sometime soon to visit there. Now I know we need to make sure to fit it in.

Chatty Crone said...

That was abeautiful - you sure are talented. Do you know that I have relatives in Nashville, Indiana?

Sandie w/♥

Lisa said...

That is just so nifty! Amazing.

And I've been keeping track and had to say ....WHOA. Seriously. I need to join up with that challenge - you look amazing!

I am SO excited to see you will be working at Papertrix...and during the times I can actually make it over there! Yay! I look forward to seeing you again soon....

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