Thursday, July 30, 2009

And the walls[paper] comes tumblin' down!

O.k., not tumblin, not fallin'. I am spraying it down with hot water, ripping off the top layer, (which comes off fairly easily) and then spraying, (soaking) down the second layer and then scraping with a plastic scraper. I've never taken down wallpaper before. Maybe mine is exceptionally easy, but after all of the horror stories I've heard about removing wallpaper, it isn't that bad. Plus, I don't have a lot of wall surface that is covered with wallpaper. Before shot.
During. You can see how the top layer is just peeling off.
The kitchen re-do has begun. I am excited. I am re-doing with a cottage look in mind. I'll never forget when I asked Duggles if he knew what cottage was and his forehead wrinkled in consternation, then you could see the light bulb go on- "what we are doing?" Very good, Dug.
The cabinets are a dark walnut color now. I am painting them cream. I have an oil based latex primer which my paint man mixed my cream into, then painting over. I'll have to do a bit of prep work prior to painting the walls. I am painting them a very pale green. I would describe it as a lime sherbet shade. Then I may paint the dining room a pale melon shade. (Surprise, Dug.) Isn't it funny how differing descriptions and names may appeal to you? I can't stand "orange" or "peach." Pumpkin is slightly acceptable and pale melon is acceptable. In my mind, anyway.
We are also going to do some sort of tile back splash area behind the stove and sink sides of the room. We have not yet started to look at tile. Hopefully, that search will be painless. Then, we have already found a linoleum that we agree on, (shocking, I know) which has leaves in it. We don't want ceramic tile in the kitchen because once you drop something on it (which Dug does, often) it is broken. And, we don't want real wood, because we have to clean the kitchen floor often. (See prior statement.) And Dug doesn't want any laminate wood look because we have pine floors in our living room and guest room.
I am also replacing drawer pulls- seven at $3. each. My knobs are $4. each and I need 22 of them! Yikes! But, they will really make the cabinets pop. My pulls are retro, beaten up pewter look, heavy. My knobs are brushed silver with a circle of leaves stamped in. I'll show you a photo at some point. Now, Dug has decided that we need to replace the hinges, too. Have not looked for these, either. I do know they are approximately as long as my index finger. I do not know if this is a standard measurement, or not.
Big project, but I'm excited. My goal is to have it finished by Thanksgiving. Surely I can pull that off. Stay tuned.


msdebbiea said...

Have FUN!!!! It will be beautiful~~~

besswess said...

Look at you go! You are a wallpaper nazi!

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