Monday, December 22, 2008

His name was Elijah

At work, we put up a tree and hung tags with names of children that we were given by the Salvation Army. I carefully went around the tree, reading names, the ages and the requests for each girl and boy. My name fell upon a tag that read: Elijah, one month old. His mother asked for soft toys and a cool mist humidifier. Two of my friends went in with us to purchase gifts for him. Carol sent a generous check and Elisa opted to shop for him, purchasing an outfit that said "Let's Hike!" on it and a small chunky school bus. I bought this blanket and embroidered his name on it. As I stitched, I said a prayer for Elijah and his Mama and sent warm thoughts to them.
Camping is a big theme right now
which thrills me! You know he will
be hungry as a bear!

I also found a fuzzy little outfit with a tiger on it and little ears on the hood. Then I bought two long sleeve white t-shirts.

To fulfill the soft toys request, I found this snowman, which I envisioned propped up in the corner of Elijah's crib, so that he might awaken with the snowman smiling down on him. We also bought the humidifier and diapers. I've bought many gifts for Christmas, but fulfilling the wishes of Elijah's Mama was what warmed my heart the most.


Nicole said...

Oh I wish I had taken pictures of the gifts I bought for Claire, the two year old girl I picked from the tree. I had so much fun shopping for her knowing it would mean so much to her and her mother.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am sure it meant so much. She will always remember and I think that she will pass it on when she is on her feet.

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