Monday, April 28, 2014

What she wore

What she wore or Grandmas can be groovy, too.
It is spring and I survived winter!
I am in the process of dieting, so maybe this can be a before photo.
(More about my diet in a post to follow.)
Currently, I am working on re-losing the weight I gained while mother was ill.
 I joked while she was in Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis that I had about every flavor of smoothie Au Bon Pain makes, but it was almost the truth.
Don't you hate re-losing? I do.
I am a few pounds from being classified as overweight rather than obese.
Overweight just sounds better.
White jacket by Dressbarn.
Pink top by Coldwater Creek via the best of Goodwill, Vintage Vogue.
(Have you heard Coldwater Creek is going out of business?
I loved their store, but have to admit, I rarely bought anything from them.)
Heart necklace by Brighton.
Pink watch by Avon.
Jeans by Cato.
Sandals by Dansko.
Here is a shot from further back so you can see our big flowering tree.
I'm not certain - it may be a crab apple?
The blooms really look red but in this shot somehow it looks pinkish-purple.
Everything around is in bloom.
Thus the pink top - I wanted to be in bloom, too!
One of my gal pals refers to strawberry pink as my signature shade.
What is your signature shade?


Holly said...

Hello there cutie patootie! I think you look great, love the pink on you! Yes, re-losing weight is hard. I hadn't heard that CC was going out of business, I liked their clothes but they were too pricey for me. I do find a lot of their things at thrift shops though. Good luck to you on your weight loss!

Kris said...

You look fabulous!!! I love Coldwater Creek. Just found a beautiful smocked and pleated blouse from Salvation Army, for one dollar. Coldwater Creek, and brand new!
Think of you often!
xo Kris

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Pink is definitely your color Cheryl, looking cute for sure :O) I enjoyed looking at Coldwater Creek but never really purchased anything from them, little expensive for me. I do have fun at the Goodwill and have found some nice pieces of clothing there. Weight and life is always a challenge . . . isn't it. xoxo

Donna said...

You shine in pink ... which is a true compliment because generally I associate pinks and pastels with blondes. My signature colors are red and sky blue. But I also wear a lot of black, gray and beige.

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