Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dress like every day is a photo shoot

A friend of mine owns an advertising business. He contacted me about six weeks ago and told me he had shown one of his clients my photo. I have no idea what photo he showed them. He says they loved me, that I was exactly what they were looking for.
I was like "wait a" So he says.

My friend contacted me this week. Says the client is going to contact me. That we are going to do the shoot sometime this week, maybe Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. I told him I was free on Wednesday or Friday.

This morning I got up and thought "are they contacting me today?" Would they do that? Just send me and email and say "c'mon over, we're doing the shoot today."

How would you dress if you thought there might be a photo shoot at the end of the day?
I wore my new Dansko heels, a skirt with matching top and a white jacket. I carried my new satchel purse. I straightened my hair. I did my makeup. I had polish on both toenails and fingernails.

Sometime during the day, the client contacted me and said we needed to post-pone the shoot.

After work a woman turned to me as we got off the elevator and said "your nails match your outfit."
I smiled and said "well, I thought there was going to be a photo shoot today."

She probably thought I was crazy.



Sorry you were disappointed. Maybe they'll reschedule.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

What? A photo shoot? Good for you Cheryl, how exciting too:O) So you're getting discovered here. Ok, please update blogland with some more pics too. Blessings pretty lady :O)

Kris said...

Say what? How exciting!!!! And oh dang!!! Til when???? Til when???
xo Kris

Donna said...

That skirt is great. And the nails. I have aqua toenails. Haven't done the fingernails in a neat color YET. Antsy to do so... feels so daring, somehow. Do tell: Photo shoot for what project? d

farmlady said...

Aqua toes and nails...You go girl. I think you should have called a friend and gone to lunch. All that effort deserved something special. You must have looked great.
Hope they call you and re-schedule.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

You are a fashionable gal alright! Love the look.

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