Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome Spring?

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First of all, why should we take the word of a rodent?

The first day of Spring in Southern, IN:
As I write this it is 26 degrees and we are expecting a low of 18, tonight.

Shortly before lunch we had snow flurries.

On campus, some of the students recognize Spring by wearing shorts. With their parkas.

We have had a bitterly cold wind blowing. I'm wearing my gloves again still.

We did have some sunshine and my spirits were lifted a bit by that.

Tell me what the first day of Spring was like for you in your state.


Holly said...

No, Honey. I will not tell you what it's like here. I want to remain your friend. Wishing you warm weather soon.

Kim said...

It is snowing, just like yesterday. The rodent is in big trouble!


snow flurries here yesterday and today.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

It's all sunshine in Southern California. I would have loved the cooler weather to stay around longer. It's funny, we always seem to want the opposite. With all the trials in my life lately, I do better just embracing everything, it's makes things a whole lot easier for me thats for sure. Better days kiddo. Blessings, Sandy xo

Susan said...

Not too pleasant up in Ft Wayne! I'm missing last year's March. Fun to find you -- I went to college in Bloomington. It's so pretty there!

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