Sunday, January 20, 2013

Girl Date

A rare warm day for Southern Indiana in January- 54 degrees.

This could be volume 3 of what she wore but it isn't.  I want to tell you why I prefer girl dates to dates with men. I'm old-school and still say "girlfriend."  My daughter says I shouldn't say "girlfriend" because people will think I'm gay.  I'm not gay and I am old enough not to care what people think.
Yesterday, I had a girl date with my girlfriend, Jennifer.
I love Jennifer.  She is my wind beneath my wings friend. She is always positive. She is crazy and fun and enthusiastic.  She cares and loves deeply.Once at one of her parties I had the realization she makes all of us feel the same - that each one of us is so very important in her life. Even when she is sitting there saying "oh, no.  What did you do now?" when I am about to tell her one of my stories. (That happened yesterday.)
Yesterday I had time to fuss with my appearance.  I tend to be a person that cuts it close when it comes to getting ready to go somewhere.  I slap on the makeup, blow-dry my hair as fast as I can, pick it out and put the flat-iron to the spots that are sticking up.  And I bolt out the door. With the exception of my nails, (which I did not find the time to tend to), I felt good about my appearance.  I was ready for my girl date with my girlfriend.
I feel women tend to put more into their appearance when we are going on a girl date than any other time. I've told men before- "we don't dress for men- we dress for other women."
Jennifer is always. beautiful. Always.  She is the same age as my daughter - 30, so time is on her side.  She is addicted to working out and is looking good.
She is always gracious and complimentary. Always. Usually the first words out of her mouth are something along the lines of "you look beautiful!" or "have you lost weight?"  Even when I am not looking beautiful or haven't lost weight, her words are music to my ears.
Yesterday was no exception.
We were dressed in similar fashion- she wore a black blazer, I wore a grey blazer. We both wore black tops.  She looked dashing festooned with a black and white scarf. The first words she said was "you look beautiful."  I said "well, I figured it was about time since I always look like crap." She retorted "you do not." I said "Yes I do- and you haven't seen me look good since our Christmas Eve breakfast in December of 2010."  She laughted but it was true.
She had suggested we meet at Cafe Django. I had only been there once before- for dinner. The cafe was crowded that night and the service was awful.  I ordered a dish without onions and when it arrived it was chock-full of onions. It isn't that I don't like onions - I do. I can't have them for health reasons. Afterward, I vowed never to return.  Bloomington has over 400 restaurants and there are too many other excellent restaurants. However, as soon as I arrived for breakfast, I could tell I was in for a better experience than previously.
As soon as I arrived I ordered a cappacino and mimosas. For my entree I ordered the savory crepes. I had not had crepes since France, and these were not French crepes, but stuffed with ham, tomato and cream cheese they were very good.
Our words fell from our mouths like drops of rain plopping down. Before we knew it, hours had passed. Jennifer is busy.  She is completing her graduate degree and has Mr. Man.  
Our breakfast was a wonderul catch-up.
Visit Jennifer at Bess Wess and read what she has to say about Ladies Breakfast.


Brian Miller said...

smiles...sounds like a wonderful date...we all need friends like that you know...that build us up...and as much as i love me wife, i enjoy my male friends as well...though its usually jeans...ha.

good to see you...hope the new year is starting well for you...

Kris said...

Cheryl..I say girlfriend too! And I don't care what others thing either! It is so liberating to be 50, (0ver, for me) isn't it!! Everyone needs a friend like Jennifer. And like Cheryl too!!!
PS Feel better!!!!

Holly said...

You do look great! What are we supposed to call our girl friends if we can't call them girlfriends? Sounds like a great day you had!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Cute outfit . . . It always feels good to get dress up a little doesn't it. I still say girlfriend . . it must be our age :O) blessings, xo

Anonymous said...

First of all, I cannot believe you wrote this whole thing about us. I loved our time together! And you are beautiful. Oh and Girlfriend is what I say too. Maybe I want people to be confused.... :) You are too sweet to me. I am not that positive.
And last but not least, I LOVE WHEN WE MATCH, but I LOVE YOU MORE!

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