Thursday, November 1, 2012

To die for chicken enchiladas

I always wanted to make chicken enchiladas, but until last night, I never had. I love enchiladas, but to me they are never quite right.  I can easily creep myself out about food in restaurants.  And if I make something well, I will never order in a restaurant because you are darn tootin' I'm going to like my version better.
I came across this recipe on and thought to myself "that looks do-able!"
I printed out the recipe and went to the grocery to buy the ingredients. 

Original recipe makes 6 servings


Holly said...

Those look so yummy! I've been in soup mode around here. Making huge pots of cheesy chicken tortilla soup and chili. I freeze individual servings in freezer bags and then just take one out when I want a bowl. The best recipe I've found in a long time is this one. It's a big hit on Pinterest and I've made it twice, super good!

Donna said...

A girl has to have some go-to tricks up her sleeve in every genre of her life. Looks and sounds like this recipe may be one of yours from now on when it comes to the kitchen. I have a similar recipe (or maybe the same one) and yes, it's quite delicious, filling and makes bunches for leftovers or simply if you need to feed several.

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