Sunday, June 24, 2012

Paris Fashion

I was excited to see what they would be wearing in Paris.  I was concerned about what I would be wearing in Paris.  I did a lot of research on the Internet before we went.  I was a tourist, and in the end didn't care if I looked like a tourist.  I read and heard that Parisians only wore black shoes and I opted to wear pink Adidas tennis shoes and I bought a comfy pair of black Clark's sandals.  I was only going to wear black slacks and in the end opted to also take along a pair of jeans.  I was carrying a Pac-Safe purse, which did make me feel a little secure, but I wondered if that screamed tourist as well.
Oh well.  I was a tourist. 
It is interesting what I saw on the Internet before I left and what I saw when we were in Paris.  In person, I saw a lot of black.  Nearly exclusively black.  Black boots, dark navy snug fitting jeans.  A lot of scarves.  A lot of man-purses.  Nearly every man carried a satchel.  It is my opinion that everyone fusses about Paris fashion because it is Paris.  To me, it didn't seem much different than Chicago or New York or any other large U.S. city. 

The only clothing I purchased was a French Football Federation shirt for Doug.  Made by Adidas.  And I bought myself a pink zip up the front hoodie emblazoned with Paris, France across the chest.  I haven't even worn it, yet.  I didn't purchase one scarf.  Didn't buy any jewelry. 
But it sure was fun to look. 
Because you know- I was in Paris. 



Paris, indeed. You have the zillions of photos you took as everlasting memories. Who needs overpriced duds??? Interesting how BLACK is the color of choice, though.

Kris said...

I loved seeing how the Italians dressed too. But I was wearing sensible clothes and shoes, for long days of touring!
: ) Kris

farmlady said...

Wow, Paris! How beautiful it must be there. I think I would go crazy with the shopping... but I bet things are expensive and there is always the dilemma of how much you have room for in your baggage when you head back home. I think you were very restrained for Paris.
Love the photos.

KleinsteMotte said...

Well you showed great restraint but from other earlier photos you were very well dress. Besides you had e little one that kept everything moving along.

Jen Kershner said...

We came home with 3 new scarves between us 3 girls. Not to bad I'd say. If I could do the shoes over, I would not take the ones I did. Comfort all the way.

Donna said...

Qui! Fun to look. Always half the fun. I had wondered about this; how they dress in reality, not just like you said, on the internet sites or in the store windows.

Karen Whittal said...

I agree you are a tourist enjoy it, you are going there for the Paris experience not to be the next Top Model

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