Friday, June 27, 2008


"Come to Mama!"
It has been a long [hard] week. I've walked or worked out every night since Sunday night. Sunday night Diane and I walked for an hour and a half. Monday and Tuesday nights I trained at the Y. On Monday night, I did five miles on the elliptical and on Tuesday night I did two miles on the StairMaster. Wednesday night, Diane and I walked for another hour and a half. It was hot. By the time I got back, I was soaking wet, to the point of dripping. Walking in Bloomington is quite different than walking in Muncie or New Castle. There is a hill between our house & David & Diane's house that is tough. When I got back home, I stacked wood. Last night, more training with Barry at the Y. Before we lifted, I did five miles on the elliptical, consistently hitting eight minute miles. If I can hit eight minute miles now, what will I be capable of when I lose weight? I truly can't imagine doing better than an eight minute mile. That was my old competitive time years ago when I was a runner.
I'd overheard one of the guys talking about protein powder and I'd gone into GNC to look into it. I had no idea what I was even looking for. I entered the store and a young man approached me. "I'm looking for some protein powder stuff," I stated.
"for you?" he said in an incredulous voice.
I just stood there and looked at him.
"for your son?" he tried again.
"For my fiance'" I told him.
Finally he seemed satisfied and took me over to see the gi-normas bottles of protein powder that were on sale, two for one, but that were $90. a bottle!
I told the young man that I was just checking it out, fed him some cock and bull story about how I was going to surprise my fiance' and buy it for him but for that price I'd let him buy it himself. The guy seemed satisfied and I left.
There is no way I would buy protein powder from him when he acted as if there was no way an overweight, middle aged woman such as myself might be desiring to buy protein powder.
When I get buff, I'm going back to kick his ass.
Barry brought me a bag of protein powder last night. I drank it when I got home. We'll see how it works out. It is supposed to help with recovery and Barry said I won't be as sore. On both accounts, that is happy news.
Tonight, my law girls and I are hitting My Sharona for margs. YUM. Dug may have to come and get me.

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